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Women Unlimited lights the path to more powerful performance in 3 significant ways:


  1. Find your spark – so you have more focus, purpose and vitality in your personal and professional life, and the resilience to maintain it even when the wheels fall off.
  2. Fire up your impact – so that you increase your visibility, maximise your presence and show up with greater authenticity and influence in your business and career.
  3. Ignite your success – so you can advance faster towards a more intentional, meaningful and effective way of leading, working and living.

Together we’ll dive into a variety of topics and skills essential to your professional success and personal fulfilment – from cultivating self-awareness, leadership style, communication and relationship building, to mastering the mindset and methods that let you work smart and achieve more.

Here’s a taste of some of the things we’ll unpack.

Master Your Mindset

  • Get clear on your ambitions and intentions and define success on your terms.
  • Secrets of setting smarter goals.
  • Make the mindset shifts necessary to overcome fears, self-doubt and other limiting beliefs.
  • How to break unhelpful habits that don’t serve you.
  • Learn to manage expectations and rebound from setbacks.

How to Be Work Smart

  • What makes us unproductive?
  • How to be more purposeful, decisive and disciplined.
  • Find your focus zone and turn daily distractions into positive actions.
  • Choose the right resources to be more effective in less time.
  • The power of high performance habits to put you in control and create repeatable results.

Build the Business of YOU

  • Why you can’t afford not to build your personal brand.
  • Assess your signature strengths and put them to work for you.
  • Define a compelling leadership brand and style that’s authentic to you.
  • Learn to leverage your points of difference to gain a competitive edge.
  • How to go from knowing something to being known for something.

Make Your Presence Felt

  • The art of the female leader (with or without the title).
  • How to achieve personal impact and professional presence.
  • Make first impressions lasting impressions.
  • Act with confidence, credibility and poise under pressure.
  • Successfully blend the personal with the professional on social networks.

Communication Confidence

  • Let’s talk business – what well-spoken women do differently.
  • Find your L Factor – personality matters.
  • How to speak up, state your ideas effectively and be taken seriously.
  • Don’t speak to market yourself, speak to connect.
  • Why it’s not just what you say, but how you say it.

Raise Your Profile

  • Why women struggle with self-promotion.
  • Get comfortable with talking “YOU” and sell yourself convincingly.
  • Making yourself more visible in a crowded market.
  • Learn to package, position and promote your value.
  • How to build your platform, shine online and get noticed for all the right reasons.

Lead Your Optimal Life

  • What does a better life look like to you?
  • Create more margin to take you from stressed to zest.
  • Learn to power off and set boundaries.
  • Energising ways to balance your multiple roles.
  • How to supercharge your day.

Ready to be M-Powered?

Yellow-Suit-w-GlassesWhen she’s not leading Women Unlimited, MELISSA DAVIS is Founder and Chief Firestarter at Igniting Success – a company dedicated to helping women push through the limitations and confidently step into the best version of themselves, so they can win in business, shine and in life and rise to their full potential.

I’m in the business of helping women live and lead from within. I believe it’s incredibly difficult to shine as professionals and leaders when we are not confident, fully leveraging our individuality and strengths, or fired up about what we do. Get those three things working for you and you become unstoppable.

For more than 25 years Melissa has walked her own often exacting but ultimately successful path in business and the media, and understands the particular challenges women face.

Her experience-rich perspective and skills have been forged in the fires of a lifetime in the trenches, working with regional and national brands and now running her third high-growth business.

What lights her up, apart from getting to work with some pretty amazing women every day? Soaking up life by the beach in the company of one seriously funny dog, an even funnier husband and a cat with attitude.