What’s Included

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How the program works

WOMEN UNLIMITED comprises a mix of in-person group mentoring sessions and individual calls, as well as plenty of ‘between session’ inspiration to keep you moving and on the bright track.

The program is built around core skills and knowledge vital to taking control of how you show up in the world and the results you get. Some of the areas we’ll explore include:

  • The mindset and methods needed to manage the one thing that matters most – YOU!
  • More productive ways and smarter tools to do less and accomplish more.
  • Building a distinctive personal leadership brand that adds value to your business and career.
  • Presentation and communication skills to deliver your message with maximum impact – in-person and online.
  • Raising your profile and developing the confidence and ability to effectively position and promote yourself.
  • Healthy practices and high value habits to banish overwhelm and have a life you love waking up to.

I’ll help you focus on what’s working and strip away what’s not, so you can achieve more of the results you want professionally and personally.

So what actually happens?

Each month you can look forward getting together with a whole posse of fired up women, starting conversations worth having and sparking some powerful “Aha” moments. There’s generous Q&A time and you’ll be exposed to fresh ideas and info you can action straight away. Expect a few gentle nudges to get you out of your comfort zone, a healthy dose of clarity and a huge helping of DO THIS next!