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Moving up

Thanks to Women Unlimited, the confidence in my own ability has grown, and I’m now stepping out of my comfort zone and creating new opportunities. Melissa’s mentoring assistance helped me land a promotion! 

Melissa Dower | Fraser Coast Regional Council

From strength to strength

This was the opportunity I needed to download my worldly weights. Through Women Unlimited, I’ve developed such great tools and strategies to enhance my skills and strengths. 

Jeanette Harrold | Environmental Risk Manager

A breath of fresh air

I love the Women Unlimited program and Melissa is an absolute breath of fresh air! She has challenged me and helped me grow so much in the last few months, for which I am forever grateful. The genuine interest she took in me and my business spoke volumes about how committed she is to helping us all succeed. I particularly loved the 1:1 calls and the guidance, information and encouragement she provided throughout the entire program. Group meetings were vey collaborative and a safe sharing environment, and it was a fantastic way to meet other local like-minded women travelling a similar path. I’ve come away with plenty of great ideas and new ways to approach so many different areas of my business. 

Emma Conway | DIG HR

Life changing experience

Thankyou Melissa for a wonderful 6 months. It has been life changing and I look forward to working with you again. 
Jennifer Grauer | Simply Be Nice

Rethinking what's possible

I really value the approach you’ve taken to helping me rethink how to focus and set goals, and go for it!

Rebecca Pezzutti | BDB Lawyers

Loved the support and care

Melissa has been fantastic. A wonderful mentor who really cares about our circumstances. The content has been great and really helpful. 

Bec Dudley | Wide Bay Water