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I’d never experienced coaching before and right away I felt supported and listened to by someone who genuinely cares about the people she works with. She has the ability to get to the heart of the matter and her insights enabled me to look at my situation with fresh eyes and see more of the choices available to me. […]


Choosing to work with Melissa has been a turning point for me. She managed to pinpoint what was blocking me and showed me how to tackle old ways of thinking and behaving that were preventing me from moving forward in my career. My results have not only exceeded the expectations of my employer, but my own as well.


One of Melissa’s coaching sessions is a lot like a Vitamin B shot – you come away feeling totally reinvigorated and with a fresh perspective on what’s possible and what you’re capable of doing. She challenges you (in the nicest possible way) to really lift your game. Her brief was to ‘keep me on track’ and she’s […]


I’ve been extremely fortunate to have Melissa as my coach. It has led to me feeling much more confident, capable and in control as a manager, leader and person. She’s easy to work with and has helped me explore a range of approaches I’ve been able to apply to great effect at work and in my personal life […]


From my first session with Melissa I felt completely relaxed and had an immediate connection. I went to her looking for guidance in pursuing my leadership path. She helped me become laser focused on what I needed to do to enhance my leadership style and presence. Thanks to her coaching I’m already having a bigger […]


Melissa’s a great coach. Since starting down this path I’ve developed a much clearer direction for what I want to achieve in my business and now have a real sense of purpose that I hadn’t felt before. Instead of feeling stuck, I’m finally taking some big steps forward and seeing positive gains.