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At some stage every smart woman will find herself marking time in her life or career journey and trying to figure out “What’s next?”. Mentoring can be the difference between having the best intentions and putting your best foot forward.

A mentor is someone who has more experience than you have and has been many of the places you’re planning on going … they’ve walked in your high heels and can help you avoid the blisters.

A good mentor will get you focused, fast-track your progress and keep you moving forward. They want to see you win and will open you up to possibilities and potential you didn’t know you had.

Women Unlimited is a journey you get to take in the company of other fabulous women committed to standing tall and stepping up to the next level in their work and life. It’s a 6-month transformational mentor-led program that will light a fire under your potential and ignite the best in you.

Here’s how it works. Once a month you’ll join me for an in-person group mentoring session that’s enlightening, enjoyable and guaranteed to energise you. It’s a place to come for inspiration, strategy, guidance and support, where you feel safe to share ideas and experiences with other ‘no limits’ women who only want the best for you. You’ll learn something new each time and discover things that could change your life.

We start by setting the foundations for growth … learning more about where you are and where you want to get to, what’s limiting you and how you can get the most out of the program.

In each session we unpack a monthly focus topic that’s critical to your success and discuss it amongst the group. The content is a mix of 50% covering relevant things you need to know; 50% of your specific challenges, concerns and questions addressed – with the added bonus of powerful techniques and processes to transform how you lead, work and live.

To top it off, in between our monthly sessions we schedule a 1:1 accountability call for each participant, to check-in on your progress.

Women Unlimited is ideal for women looking for the perfect combination of focused know-how, tactical accelerated move-making and peer support.

  • Aspiring women who want to start, switch or advance their career or business.
  • Women keen to inject new life and ideas into the way they work.
  • Ambitious women ready to reach new levels of achievement.
  • Women who want to thrive in business without losing out in life.

Wherever you currently are in your journey, Women Unlimited can help you create a bigger, bolder vision for your professional and personal life and put it into action.

Two Women Unlimited group programs will be commencing on the Fraser Coast on Wednesday 21st October 2015.

Programs will also be launching soon in other areas.

Despite the name, places are limited. Openings in each group will be capped at 15 to ensure you don’t ‘feel like a number’ and to enable everyone to make the most of the experience. I want each participant to always walk away feeling included, valued and invigorated.

In-person group sessions run for 90 minutes each month, from 9.30 to 11 am. Add to that your private monthly “What’s Up?” call to see how you’re travelling.

Allow time for reflection and ‘doing’ between sessions – that can be as much or as little as you want, it’s a matter of what feels right and is manageable for you.

The effort = A little more than two hours a month for six months.

The result = More confidence, more control, more success, more YOU! That’s a pretty sweet trade, don’t you think?

We’re going to cover a lot of things together to enhance your personal and professional effectiveness. Then explore how you can take this learning into your working life, whatever that looks like for you. Here are some of the things we’ll unpack:

Master Your Mindset

Success is an inside job. To get the results you want in work or life, you have to master the business of YOU first. We’ll look at overcoming limitations that might hold you back and how to intentionally focus your thinking, attention and energy on what serves you best.

Simply Productive

To be ‘future fit’ you need to look at how you work in a whole new way – one that embraces more productive ways of thinking and doing. Smart habits and the right tools let you get off the treadmill, get more done in less time, and get on with the things that matter most to you.

Build Your Personal Leadership Brand

You already have a personal brand, but do you have the right one? Your brand is the sum of all you do and are known for. Getting it right is essential to showcase who you are and what you stand for in a way that ensures you stand out and gain a competitive edge.

Develop Professional Presence

To succeed in today’s crowded business market you have to make your presence felt. Presence (the ‘Wow’ factor) is easy to recognise and important to develop, because when you have it, people want to do business with you, promote you, and recommend you to others.

Communicate With Confidence

Whether you have to deliver a sales pitch, speak in front of a crowd, or get your ideas heard in a meeting, what you say and how you say it has a powerful impact on the response you get. We’ll go into ways to get your message across clearly and convincingly and make it magnetic.

Raise Your Profile

In a constantly shifting business and career landscape, doing great work isn’t enough – you have to let others know about it. That means overcoming your fear of self-promotion and learning how to package and promote your value so that you get noticed for all the right reasons.

Lead Your Optimal Life

It is possible to win in business without losing out in life. Having a clear vision and plan for your life that includes work, but isn’t controlled y it, is a healthy ‘whole of life’ approach that will take you from surviving to thriving.


There’ll be plenty to spark your enthusiasm between our group sessions. Every month you’ll receive a call from me to ensure you’re moving forward in a focused, achievable way.

I’ll also send you regular doses of e-spiration. You’ll hear from accomplished women around the world about living without limits and receive inspiring gems worth reading, watching and sharing.

And of course, any time you like you’ll be able to post your comments and questions, celebrate your successes and share your insights on our Facebook page … where you can engage with a caring community of women who want to get to know more about you and what you’re doing.

I know that you’re better than you think. It’s time to challenge the limiting belief that you’re not enough and make the most of the woman that you are.

Throughout the program you’ll learn proven methods and gain know-how that allows you to:

  • Venture out of your comfort zone, uncover your hidden strengths and put them to work for you.
  • Focus on what matters and achieve new levels of impact, influence and effectiveness.
  • Raise your profile and power up your presence.
  • Experience the meaning and fulfilment of achieving the career and business success you deserve.

There’s power in numbers and there’s nothing like the company of a bunch of results-focused women to make you feel like you can achieve anything you set your mind to. That’s why it pays to surround yourself with a dynamic support network that gets you and who will:

  • expand your perspective
  • push your boundaries
  • prevent you from settling for less
  • pick you up when you stumble
  • and help you celebrate your wins big and small.

Every month we’ll work together in our group mentoring session. Then I’ll be following up with every member by Viber or Skype each month. You’re also welcome to shoot me a quick email or drop by the Women Unlimited Facebook page and catch up with me there.

If you decide you’d like to dive deeper into any of the subject areas or benefit from additional support and 1-1 time with me to implement strategies and techniques from the group sessions, you may wish to consider individual coaching options. To learn more about my coaching services and programs contact hello@melissadavis.com.au

Think of it as a process rather than an event. One that generates immediate useful takeaways; enables participants to achieve measurable outcomes and importantly, keeps you progressing.

And let’s not forget the potential for forging new connections and networks, forming lifelong friendships and all kinds of creative collaboration. The possibilities are limitless!

Women Unlimited will run year-round, so you are more than welcome to join us again. As an existing member you get first option on available places if you decide you’d like to continue the journey.

Content will stay fresh and relevant, with an emphasis on always providing members with the latest and most useful topics to level up your skills. And of course you can stay plugged in via our Facebook page, which remains available to you throughout the program and beyond.

Email your questions to hello@melissadavis.com.au and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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